The who, the what and the why?

Mar 2, 2022

Mersey loans, originally known as SG&F Finance, started over 65 years ago when Stanley Dunning used to cycle through the Mersey tunnel to sell goods, once known as “drapery”, working long hours, and building up a loyal customer base.

The business progressed into selling credit notes and later into doorstep cash loans in Liverpool. Stanley’s son Geoffrey pushed the business forward when he started back in the seventies. Since then, there have been many changes and now Geoffrey’s son, Tom is the driving force behind the business, ensuring we utilize the latest technology to make having a home credit loan with us as easy and stress free as possible!

No one could ever have imagined the disruption the pandemic played in people’s lives. Mersey loans had to quickly adapt to give customers different options in which they could pay, and took an understanding approach to the unforeseen circumstance’s customers found themselves in. We now offer customers the option of home cash collection, bank transfer or recurring payments depending on what suits them best.

Looking to the future we are in the process of making a customer app, so customers can check their eligibility for short term loans, make payments and check their account and payment history at the click of a button. This will make life with Mersey loans more convenient for our customers. Do not worry though, our helpful agents will always be just a call or text away if you ever need us! We want to continue to provide the people of Merseyside with affordable loans from a friendly service that stands the test of time.

So that is our first blog written…I hope you enjoyed getting to know who we are, what we do and why we do it. Join us each month for different hints, tips, and money saving ideas to help the whole family.

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